Everyday Exercises

Here you’ll find weekly exercises that I think should be apart of your everyday life!

Breathing Drills to help stretch your lungs and make your diaphragm stronger.

Learn how to open your mouth with precision and control. This is great if you suffer from TMJ dysfunction and weakness is to blame!

Here are two ways to strengthen that tiny muscle called the TFL, located on the lateral hip.

There are two of my FAVOURITE hip exercises – the bridge and clam. They look easy, however they aren’t! And if you think they are, you ain’t doing them right!

The main reason we want to strengthen and stretch are hip flexors is probably what you’re doing right now, and that’s sitting. We sit for long periods of time and these muscles take some of the damage for it.

Sometimes we need to turn on our quads before we actually work them out to get strong. Here, I show you how.

Wrist mobility drills. We use our hands EVERYDAY. When was the last time you moved them in all their possible ranges?

Much like our wrists, our ankles need to be mobile as well. Here are a few ankle mobility drills.

Low back pain? These three mobility exercises may help you out!

Here are three simple movements to open up your chest.

Lat activation exercise.

Catcow for mid-back stiffness

Shoulder blade retraction: To help strengthen your upper back and decrease those muscle knots there.

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