Interview Station Guidelines


  • Welcome client
  • Direct eye contact
  • Open body language
  • Paraphrase
  • Ask open AND closed-ended questions
  • Show empathy
  • Ask if the client has any questions

General Criteria

  • Ask about client’s goals
  • Ask what areas they would like treated
  • Ask about activities of daily living limitations
  • Ask if there are any other health care practitioners are involved with client’s care

Health History

  • Investigate any medicines client’s use
  • Investigate anything client may have checked off on health history form

Specific Interview

L ocation

O nset

R adiation

D uration

F requency

I ntensity

C haracteristic

A ssociated

R elief

A ggravated

H ealth history


  • Organize
  • Suggest the right assessment tools
  • Articulates role RMT has with treatment

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