Pregnancy Treatment Guidelines

Draping and Pillowing

  • Side-lying if 2nd or 3rd trimester
    • 2 pillows between the legs
    • 1 pillow under the stomach
    • 1 pillow under their head
    • 1 pillow to hold on to
  • When supine
    • Have a pillow under left hip to prevent supine hypotension
    • OR have client on an incline

Specific Treatment

  • Look for high tone and trigger points in back along glutes, inter-scapular area, shoulder and S.I joint
  • If swelling at S.I joint perform vibration, oscillation and superficial effleurage
  • NO connective tissue or deep work in low back, S.I joint or legs
  • Constant check in, asking if they are dizzy or if hip pressure is okay.


  • Ask if they need assistance turning or getting off bed


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