Bells Palsy Treatment Guidelines

Draping and Pillowing

  • Supine
  • Pillow under knees
  • Check in about affected eye


  • Cold on edema
  • Heat on high toned areas

Specific Treatments

  • Unaffected side :
    • Head, neck, shoulder massage
    • Drag towards lesion to decrease tone
    • Lymph techniques – start at termini (proper rate, depth and duration)
  • Affected side:
    • at neck, towards the lesion, NO STRETCHING
    • Over Cranial Nerve 7: fluid technique to mastoid, vibrations to mastoid, stroking mastoid
    • at face: stroking, pincement, vibration, taping, kneading
  • Engrams: have client do frowning, raising eyebrow, flare nose, smile, frown


  • Be sure client is secure on table
  • check in with comfort and pillowing
  • ask about emotional status
  • stop at sign of fatigue – ask them to let you know
  • prevent stretching of nerve


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