Self-Massage: Low Back

Why do we want to self-massage our low back? The pressure it endures all day from standing and poor posture can take a toll on it, what better way to say thank you than by giving it a massage.

How to Self-massage the Quadratus Lumborum.


  • Begin by located your last rib and moving your fingers towards your spine
  • Once you find a hard mass, you’ve found your QL muscle
  • Maintain constant pressure in that area if you feel any tender points
  • Move down the spine gradually when the pain dissipates until you reach the iliac crest
  • You can also do the pin and stretch technique by bending to the opposite side as you maintain pressure

Pressure: Medium

Time: 2 – 5 minutes

Area: Quadratus lumborum/ low back


  • Apply lotion to the QL area and imagine you are working in a square with the borders being the bottom rib, the spine, the iliac crest and the outer edge of your body
  • Work within this area with your fingers or knuckles

Pressure: Medium – deep

Time: 5 minutes

Area: Quadratus lumborum/ low back

How to Self-massage the Erector Spinae.


  • Begin by located the erector spinae on either side of the spine at the mid back
  • With your knuckles begin to glide down those muscles while flexing forward to do a pin and stretch technique

Pressure: Light

Time: 2 minutes

Area: Erector spinae from T12 to L5


  • Apply lotion along the erector spinae
  • Glide your knuckles down your back on either side of your spine
  • Flex forward as you do this to further stretch the muscle
  • Fingertip knead the erector spinae down your spine and
  • Finger tip knead as close to your spine as possible to get the multfidi

Pressure: Medium – deep

Time: 5 minutes

Area: Erector spinae of lumbar spine, multfidi of lumbar spine

How to Traction the Low Back.

  • Wrap a belt around a stable object and your knees
  • Press your feet into the object to feel a stretch in the low back
  • Stop pressing to release the stretch

Time: 2 – 3 minutes

Area: Lumbar spine

Equipment: Yoga strap, traction belt

Disclaimer: These self-massage tips are for educational purposes only. If you feel safe and comfortable to try them on yourself, go ahead. If you are experiencing any pain that you would rate a 6/10 on a pain scale while self-massaging, please stop and seek advice. My email is listed on the home page if you have any questions or concerns.


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