Sinusitis Treatment Guideline

Draping and Positioning

  • Maxillary or Ethmoid sinus block – side lying
  • Frontal sinus block – supine with a pillow
  • Sphenoid sinus block – prone


  • Double check it is the correct sinus
  • Palpate:
    • Maxillary – Anterior, inferior orbital
    • Frontal – Upward, superior orbital
    • Ethmoid – Medial, Medial orbital
    • Sphenoid – Lateral orbital
    • Apply pressure here for 10 seconds, ask about pain, pressure or tenderness
  • Relaxation of neck and shoulders to begin treatment

Lymph Drainage

  • Open up cervical termini. State you’ll do this for 3-5 minutes and ask for relaxed breathes
    • Work at clavicle, sternum and between SCM and Scalenes
  • J- Strokes from clavicle up and down neck
  • J-Strokes up towards affected sinus
    • Fine vibrations at sinus
    • Compress and recoil at sinus
  • Drain infraorbital nerve and supraorbital nerve

Fascial Techniques

  • Myofascial, direct fascial, pin and stretch along sinus
    • Ask client if there’s any discomfort, negotiate pain scale
    • Let client know they may feel a burning sensation


  • Tapotement at sinuses – be aware of pressure

Neuromuscular Techniques

  • Look for trigger points in SCM, Suboccipitals, Trapezius, Masseter and Temporalis
    • State where they would feel the referral pain
    • State your moving cross fibre, and you’re looking for a nodule within a taught band and negotiate pain scale

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