CVD/CCHF Treatment Guidelines


  • Wash hands
  • Assist client onto their side
  • Ask if their Nitro medicine is near by
  • Instruct client to tell you if they feel any distress, anxiety or nausea. Or if their heart rate or respiratory rate increases
  • State you’ll be looking for flushing of skin or sweat as this could indicate distress
  • State they should feel no pain and if they do, be sure to tell the you, the therapist


  • On right side
  • 1 pillow under torso, 1 pillow under head
    • State this is to decrease pressure on aorta

Specific Treatment

  • Start distally at arm
  • State that there is NO fluid intent
  • Squeeze hands, perform ROM of fingers, broad kneading, finger knead, C-Scoop, fine vibrations (for the arm)
  • Static contact at back, around T4 and state this is to decrease the SNS
  • Broad kneading , finger knead, fine vibrations, squeezing upper traps, gentle rocking ( for the back)
  • Only treat posterior neck – State
  • At toes and feet – squeezing, ROM of toes, broad kneading, finger knead, fine vibrations, C-Scoop
  • Avoid popliteal fossa


  • Grab by shoulders and assist up
  • Ask if they feel any dizziness or light headedness ( postural hypotension)
  • Ask if they need assistance getting up

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