Self-Massage: Feet

Why learn how to self-massage our feet? Why not? We stand on them all day and they withstand all the pressure we put them through, throughout the day.

How to massage the bottom of your foot.

  • Glide your thumbs down the midline of your foot and spread them outwards as you make your way towards your toes.
  • Squeeze and stretch your toes. Extend one toe, while flexing the toe next to it and continue this down the toes.
  • Do the pin and stretch technique by pinning down an area of the foot and with your other fingers glide away from the pinned area
  • Apply lotion and glide your thumbs down the midline of your foot and spread them outwards at your toes
  • Apply deeper pressure with your knuckles

Pressure: Light – medium

Areas: Bottom of foot from heel to toes

Time: 2-5 minutes

How to massage the top of your foot.

  • Glide your thumbs towards each toe, without any lotion, once at the toes, pull and stretch them
  • Stretch the area in between each toe
  • Apply lotion and gently glide your fingers down towards your toes. and towards the side of your foot
  • Massage around the ankle bones ( malleolus) as there are some muscles from the shins travelling past that medial bone to connect into the the foot.

Pressure: Light

Areas: Top of foot, side of medial foot, ankle

Time: 2-5 minutes

How to foam roll your foot.

  • Begin with finding a ball or foam roller
  • Place it under your foot starting at the heel and roll it towards the toes.
  • Start by sitting down with this exercise, once it’s not as uncomfortable, you can stand up and begin to add more pressure.

Pressure: Medium

Areas: Bottom of the foot (heel to toes)

Time: 1-5 minutes

Disclaimer: These self-massage tips are for educational purposes only. If you feel safe and comfortable to try them on yourself, go ahead. If you are experiencing any pain that you would rate a 6/10 on a pain scale while self-massaging, please stop and seek advice. My email is listed on the home page if you have any questions or concerns.


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