Lower Leg Treatment Guidelines

Chronic Anterior Compartment Syndrome

Draping and Pillowing

  • Supine
  • Pillow under legs


  • Apply heat to Tibialis Anterior Fascia
  • Be sure to check visually, vocally and through touch

Specific Treatment

Hip Flexors

  • Warm up technique
  • Detect trigger points and state referral pattern
  • Trigger point negotiation
  • heat and stretch area
  • Be sure to ask about comfort

Tibialis Anterior

  • Perform 3 neuromuscular techniques
  • Perform trigger point protocol
  • Stretch muscle for 30 seconds

Extrinsic Toe Extensors

  • Be sure to show anatomical precision


  • Show anatomical accuracy
  • Perform 3 appropriate techniques in area
  • Stretch gastrocs for 15 seconds (state)
  • Stretch Soleus for 15 seconds (state)
  • Be sure to ask about comfort

Fascial Compartment

  • Engage connective tissue
  • Challenge and negotiates with client about pain scale
  • Perform 3 effective techniques
  • Ask about comfort

Tibialis Posterior Tendinitis

Specific Treatment

  • Place cold hydrotherapy at medial ankle
  • Treat Tibialis Posterior, FDL and FHL with fluid techniques

Plantar Fasciitis

Specific Treatment

  • Treat gastrocs, soleus and plantar fascia
  • Perform techniques cross fibre
  • Negotiate connective tissue feeling

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