Self-Massage: Head

Want to relax and release the tension you’ve been feeling all day? Learning how to self-massage your face and head will help with that.

How to self-massage the frontalis.

  • With both hands, spread your fingers apart and glide them away from each other horizontally across your forehead
  • Then, pull your fingers up from your eyebrows towards your hair line

Pressure: Light

Time: 2- 5 mintues

Area: Forehead

How to self-massage the temporalis.

  • Locate the temporalis by bringing your fingers to your temple
  • Fingertip knead in that area
  • Glide your fingers out from the temples towards the hair line

Pressure: Light

Time : 2 – 5 minutes

Area: Temples

How to self-massage the masseter.

  • Locate the masseter by finding your cheek bone and the angle of your jaw
  • Move your fingers perpendicular across the muscle
  • Stop and compress when you find a tender area and move on when the pain starts to dissipate

Pressure: Light

Time: 2 minutes

Area: Jaw

How to self-massage the face.

  • Glide your fingers from under your eyes near your nose, towards the outer edges of your eyes,
  • Next, glide your fingers from the bridge of your nose, over your eyebrows towards the outer edges of your eyes
  • Knead the lymph nodes under your chin, with light pressure
  • Tap lightly the areas underneath and above the eyes

Pressure: Light

Time: 5 minutes

Area: Face

Disclaimer: These self-massage tips are for educational purposes only. If you feel safe and comfortable to try them on yourself, go ahead. If you are experiencing any pain that you would rate a 6/10 on a pain scale while self-massaging, please stop and seek advice. My email is listed on the home page if you have any questions or concerns.


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