Treatment Planning Station

Regular Treatment Consent

  • State two goals for EACH area being assessed
  • State benefits of treatment
  • State two risks or CIs about treatment
  • Describe the draping, pillowing and positioning
  • State areas of body to be treated and the modalities and techniques to be used
  • Empower client, ask if they have any questions and let them know they can stop at any point

Consent of Special Areas

  • Explain to Client why it’s indicated
  • Name a CI
  • Give the Client options on how they’d like to be draped ( through sheets, shirt, skin-skin)
    • State why skin contact works ( lotion, more fluid techniques) and why coverage works ( sense of security and increase of comfort)
  • Negotiate and confirm with client what area they believe it is that you’ll be working on
    • Have client circle and sign
  • End with “Do I have consent for this treatment today?”

Consent for Treatment Series

  • Identify two progression of goals for each impairment
  • Suggest length of treatment and treatment frequency ( 1 hour, 1 time/week)
  • Suggest when to do a re-assessment ( in two weeks)
    • State what client will do and what the assessment will be ( Range of Motion, pain scale)
  • Suggest two remedial home care
  • Refer out if unable to help!
  • Ask if client has any questions
  • Ask for consent for treatment series!

Be sure to be specific to impairment !


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