Treatment Station


  • Professional
  • No jeans, leggings, t-shirts

Client Position and Draping

  • Be clear and concise with instructions on how to lay on table and how they will be draped
  • Be fast and efficient
  • Be neat
  • Pillow under knees

Hand wash

  • At least 30 seconds
  • Be sure to wash palms, back of hands, fingers, thumbs, between fingers, finger nails

Massage Principles

  • Proximal – Distal- Proximal
  • Superficial – Deep- Superficial
  • General – Specific – General
  • Peripheral – Central – Peripheral

Muscle Treatment

  • Accurate landmarking, do resistive test to double check
  • Complete 4 neuromuscular techniques in the area
  • Finish or complete a stretch on that muscle at some point during the treatment

Trigger point Treatment

  • Identify trigger point
  • Negotiate pain scale
  • Prep the muscle first
  • Finish with stretch and heat

Fascial Treatment

  • Motion test fascia pre and post treatment
  • Perform at least 2 fascial techniques

Joint Mobilization

  • Treat and warm up area first with myofascial techniques
  • Stretch the joint for about 30 seconds – state
  • Traction joint
  • Move up a grade of mobilization ( within scope)
  • Communicate that you are taking up slack and moving to physiological barrier
  • Hold for 8-10 seconds
  • Partial release of grade for 2-5 seconds. State this
  • Complete 3 sets
  • Check in throughout
  • Finish with movement into restricted plan
  • End with finishing technique

Swelling Treatment

  • Open lymph nodes at closest termini
  • Proximal – Distal lymph techniques
  • Don’t skip any part of the area
  • Clearly identify borders of swelling
  • Check in with client
  • Demonstrate “shaving the area”


  • Limb elevated
  • Stable and supported

Guarding of Movement

  • Check ROM at guarded joint
  • Check in with client
  • Treat entire area for tension/guarding with neuromuscular techniques


  • Let client know it is common to feel dizzy or light headed after treatment
  • Let client know to get up slowly or ask if they would like some assistance

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