Self-Massage: Hands

We use our hands all day, whether it’s typing on the computer or our phones. Those tiny muscles need to have some tension released too! Luckily, self-massing your hands is as simple as it gets.

How to self-massage the palmar aspect of hand .


  • Place your thumb at the base of the thumb you’re massaging
  • Glide your thumb across the palm towards the pinky to work the carpal tunnel
  • Continue to glide your thumb up towards the other fingers

Pressure: Medium

Time: 5 minutes

Area: Palm


  • Apply lotion to the palm of the hand, and use your knuckles to knead the muscles of your hand
  • Focus on the meaty area around the base of your thumb, and squeeze it

Pressure: Medium

Time: 5 minutes

Area: Palm

How to self-massage the dorsal side of hand.

  • Apply lotion to the dorsal side of hand and begin to massage the webs of your fingers
  • Twist up your fingers, releasing the tension in the intrinsic muscles of those fingers

Pressure: Light

Time: 3 minutes

Area: Fingers, thumb

Disclaimer: These self-massage tips are for educational purposes only. If you feel safe and comfortable to try them on yourself, go ahead. If you are experiencing any pain that you would rate a 6/10 on a pain scale while self-massaging, please stop and seek advice. My email is listed on the home page if you have any questions or concerns.


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