When the gyms open up, will you be returning?

The weather is getting nicer outside and it seems we’re starting to see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, but how will your life be different once everything is opened up?

Okay, maybe that is too broad of a question. How about this; when the world opens up again, will you be returning to your local gym? They have set up new policies, such as increase in physical distancing, limiting gym capacity and increasing the cleaning schedule. Many people saw the gym as a place to socialize and hang out with friends after work. Will this be allowed? Or will you only be able to be near those in your household? Will you even want to go to the gym after all this?

Personally, I can not WAIT to get back to the gym to see my whole community, whether it be the workers at the door who greet us, or the older man on the treadmill that wears a shirt that says ” I’m 75, what’s your excuse?” . The fact that there will be less people in the gym at any given time means the squat racks and bench presses will be open for use, with no waiting! But what are your options if you’re not comfortable head back to the gym?

You can continue doing workouts from home. Grab some resistant bands and get creative. If you want to keep the muscle tone, or get more toned, be sure to use a medium resistance with a rep range of 12-15. Also, be sure to take breaks in between sets! If you want to get stronger, use heavier resistance and do only 5- 8 reps. If you can easily complete 8 repetitions, you NEED to increase your resistance, or else you won’t see a change.

You can do virtual personal training sessions. Yep! That’s right, the company I work at, Whole Therapy, has been offering virtual personal training. That means all you have to worry about is being accountable for is showing up to your appointment. Myself and the other personal trainers will watch you to make sure you’re moving in a safe manner. We’ll update your training plan when needed AND you can a virtual workout buddy.

You can return to a private gym. There are many in my area, again, including Whole Therapy. If you feel you’re ready to go into public, but not so ready to go into the public PUBLIC, a private gym might be your thing. A private gym is smaller, so you know the cleaning and disinfecting is easier to maintain. It’s also easier to account for all those that have been in the gym. Starting back up at a private gym with a personal trainer might be the best stepping stone to getting back out there into the world.

Whether you’re like me and you’re ready to go back to the gym or you’re unsure. There are options available to you for staying active, including going for a walk around your neighbourhood.

So go and enjoy the sun, wear sunscreen and if you’re interested in personal training virtually or in real life, feel free to send me an email at dylan.wholetherapy@gmail.com and we’ll set something up.

Remember, get moving, get mobile and get dynamic!

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