Do you know where your core is?

So I just finished the Chloe Ting 2 Week Ab Challenge (Thanks Mom for suggesting it). And it was great. Short, 10 minute program consisting of 21 different ab focused exercises. But it got me thinking, did you know there is more to the core than just abs? It’s true!

A strong core can help reduce back pain, because it keeps your spine more stable and helps to improve your posture. However, a lot of the times when we ( Kins, personal trainers, RMTs) mention strengthening the core, most people picture six pack abs. This is only one aspect of your core! So I want you to imagine this. Your body is a cylinder. THAT’S your core. It consists of your back, abs and lateral muscles of your body, as well as your shoulder muscles, pelvic floor muscles and glutes.

This is essentially your core.

Therefore, when you’re coming up with a plan to strengthen your core, consider your WHOLE core, not just the abs.

Below, I’ve listed a few exercises that target each part of your core. A strong core, is a happy core and a happy core makes your one step closer to living a pain-free life.

BackSuperman, Back extensions, Deadlifts, Rows, Lat pulls
GlutesSplit squat, Clams, Hip thrusts
AbsDeadbug, Heel lowers, Reverse crunch, Heel taps
Pelvic Floor Kegles, Bridging
ShouldersShoulder flys, Upright row, Shoulder abduction, Shoulder flexion
Whole CoreMountain climbers, Plank, Spiderman

Now when you’re planning your next core workout, choose two or three exercises from each of these categories, and make a full core circuit. How fun is that!

Stay tuned for July, when I update my core page with all these new exercises.

In the meantime, go find your core !

Stay healthy and keep moving,

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