Massage Vlog No. 9: How long do the Massage Therapy students have to wait??

Nothing like starting your 9th week back at work like a long weekend. And hey! This weeks marks the same amount of time I was out of work during the pandemic. I can safely say the time went by WAY quicker while at work, rather than at home.

So what’s going on in the world of massage? Well the CMTO just announced that it’s going to take 5 more months to figure out how to give out the OSCEs for all the massage therapy students who graduated and want to become registered. That means they would have graduated in the summer of 2020 and have to wait until 2021 to just take the practical, that doesn’t even include waiting for the go ahead to start practicing massage therapy on the public. My heart goes out to those students. I do believe their may be a petition going on around this, and if so, I’ll link it below. Let’s also hope that the CMTO is exaggerating with this 5 month date.

Anyway, my win from last week would be the fact I was able to fill a spot through a post on instagram. Near the begining of my time working I would post saying I had spots to no avail, and NOW they’re getting snatched up. How awesome is that!

My goal for this week, treat the pain globally and don’t focus on the exact spot that patient may say is causing the pain, because it may just be a referral pattern. I find I’ve gotten good at this when it comes to the neck, shoulder and upper back but now it’s time to focus on that low back region..globally.

Alright, it’s late and I’m burned to a crisp, have a great week everyone!

Stay safe and stay healthy,

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