Psoas Major Special Tests

Iliopsoas Strength Test

To do:

With the client supine and their knee on the affected side in extension,

The therapist stabilizes the unaffected pelvis.

The client then flexes their affected hip at 30 degrees and slightly externally rotates it.

The client is asked to hold position 

Positive Sign:

If the client can’t hold the affected leg off the table.


To do:

With the client supine and legs extend

The therapist places the clients foot of the affected side on the other knee

Postive Sign:

The affected hip stays above level of the unaffected knee 

Thomas Test

To do:

The client should be supine with their gluteal folds off the end of the table and hips and knees flexed.

The client can hold onto their legs in flexion with their hands.

Next, the client then keeps the unaffected leg flexed and slowly lowers the affected leg, while letting it extend as far as it can.

Postive sign:

Short quads: affected knee stays extended

Short Psoas: the hip remains flexed.

Short TFL/ITB: abducted hip 


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