Infectious Neurological Conditions

(Bacterial and Viral)
Infection of meninges, CSF and ventricles 

BM: more severe than viral 

VM: most common
BM: when pathogen moves into the meninges
VM: commonly caused by enteroviruses

BM :headache, stiff neck, fever 
VM: fever, headache, stiff neck, confusion
Encephalitis Acute fever illness causing inflammation of the brain Mosquitoes, HSV-1, Mono, West Nile VirusHeadache, fever, drowsiness ( all mid forms), Coma, double vision, impaired speech ( severe form)
PoliomyelitisA viral disease that can affect the spinal cord leading to muscle weakness and paralysisPolio virus enters mouth, targets intestinal tract and ventral horn neurons Mild: fever, headache, sore throat, diarrhea
Severe (affecting spinal cord only): neck and back pain, neck stiffness, muscle weakness, no sensory loss
Severe (affecting brain stem): vasomotor, cardiac and respiratory centres affected
Post-Polio Syndrome A disorder of the nerves and muscles that can occur years after Polio PolioFatigue, progressive muscle weakness, muscle atrophy in limbs, difficulty breathing

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