Gate Control Theory: The idea that physical pain is not directly a result of firing pain receptors, but instead is perception altered by interaction between different neurons

  • We can overrule small pain fibers and decrease the sensation of pain 

Neuromatrix Theory: Represents the plasticity of the brain and provides a holistic, integrated, dynamic view of pain. The matrix is genetically determined and moulded by sensory input

  • This can explain pain flare ups when there is no injury 

Nociception : the perception of pain 

  • Nociceptors detect stimuli through A delta fibers

A delta fibers: acute, precise, localized pain, fast pain. Sharp

Unmyelinated C fibers: poorly localized, dull burning pain, slow pain. Dull and aching

Nociceptive pain: pain caused by normal tissue injury 

Non-nociceptive pain: neuropathic pain that results from direct stimulation of the myelin or nervous tissues

Acute pain: needs a stimulus 

Acute somatic pain: comes from connective tissue, muscle, bone, skin 

Acute Visceral Pain:  comes from internal organs, poorly localized 

Chronic pain: pain that continues or recurs over a prolonged period

  • lasts more than 3-6 months 

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