Skin Conditions

Rashes: temporary eruptions of the skin 

Lesions: refers to any traumatic or pathologic loss of normal tissue continuity

Blisters : fluid-filled vesicle 

Callus: Hyperplasia of dead keratinized cells of the stratum corneum of skin 

Corns : small, well-circumscribed area of hardened skin cells

Keloids: elevated, round and firm scar

Pruritus: itching due to unmyeltinated C fibers 

Tinea – fungal infection 

  • Tinea of body 
  • Tinea of scalp
  • Tinea of foot (athletes foot)
  • Tinea of hands
  • Tinea of nails ( common in toe nails)
  • Candidiasis (yeast infection) 

Bacterial Infections of Skin

Impetigo : caused by staphylococcus, common in infants

  • when primary lesion ruptures, honey- colour liquid comes out, hardens on skin and causes honey coloured crust 

Viral infections of skin

Verrucae : warts 

Herpes Simplex 

HSV-1 : cold sores

HSV-2 : genital 

Herpes zoster: shingles 

Varicella zoster : chickenpox

Arthropod Infestations 

Scabies: mites laying eggs in your skin. Itchy 

Pediculosis: lice 

Acne: acne vulgaris, acne conglobata, acne rosacea 

Acne Vulgaris: In teens, in the T-zone of face

Acne conglobata: chronic form, very inflammatory 

Acne Rosacea: chronicc, inflammatory process in older adults with unknown cause 

Boils aka Furuncles : inflammation of hair follicles caused by staphylococcus Aureus

Cellulitis: Infection of dermis and subcutaneous tissue by Staph or group B Strep 

  • deeper infections caused by Strep
  • Bacteria can cause necrotizing fasciitis 

Hives aka Urticaria:  development of edematous welts, typically from allergic reaction 

Psoriasis: chronic, relapsing, proliferative, inflammatory skin disorder 

  • -characterized by plaque 

Decubitis Ulcers aka pressure ulcers : ischemic lesions of skin and undying structures from external pressure 


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