The Massage Vlog- No.2

First week back to work as been a success! And now it’s time to focus on moving forward.

Things I am LOVING about the new COVID-19 protocol put in place at work :

  • 30 minutes between each client ( it used to be 15 minutes)
  • The Pre-screening ( sometimes reminder emails aren’t enough for clients and they still forget to show up, when they complete a screener I KNOW they are going to show up for their appointment)
  • My aprons ( keeps my clothes clean and has very handy pockets)

Now, if we could wear re-useable masks, that would be great, because I have my eyes on really pretty floral ones. However, I do understand the surgical masks give us and the clients more protection and that’s fine by me.

Moving on, what’s going on in the massage world? Well, Premier Doug Ford was asked last week why the public could get a massage before they could get haircuts and you know what he said? He had NO idea why! Neither did Ontario’s Minister of Health, Christine Elliot. So here is a quick review for the Premier and the MoH.

Massage Therapy is a registered health care service. It is under the same act as: nurses, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, etc. We have to pass two provincial exams in order to treat the general public. Not only do we treat physical impairments, we also help with mental health by helping clients reduce stress and provide a relaxing environment. And THAT is why Massage Therapists were allowed to return back to work before hair salons were allowed to open.

Without further ado, here is my Vlog from Week 1.

Stay safe and healthy,


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