Pretty Masks and Neck Pain – Massage Vlog No. 3

Alright, it’s the third week back to work. Everything feels right again in the world minus all the new neck and back pain people keep coming in with!
If you are those people, I will now direct you to this blog post where I go over the do’s and don’ts from working from home!

What am I working on this week? I’m starting to experiment with a 4 Week Glute Challenge, so if this interests you, stay tuned! I’m currently in the planning phase right now.

What’s the Massage Tea? I received an email this week from the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario to remind us that our renewal fees are due at the end of August. I was hoping they would be pushed back, even last year they were due in September. It is what it is though.

That’s all for this week folks! Time for me to go check the mail and HOPE my new masks are in!

Stay healthy and stay safe,


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