How other Massage Therapists feel about returning to work : Massage Vlog No. 4

It’s the start of week 4! ONE MONTH. Can you believe it? Something I noticed at the end of last week was the increase personal training clients I’m now seeing compared to pre-pandemic. I believe I have the closure of gyms to thank for this. I’m loving the increase in these training clients too because it’s taking me back to my R.Kin days where I helped rehabilitate many people with exercises and it allows me to be a little creative with the training programs.

What am I working on this week? Celebrating Canada Day, relaxing and continuing to troubleshoot my 4 week glute challenge program.

What’s the massage tea this week? Not much. I had to change to catch up with two of my friends ( who are RMTs) after not seeing each other since February and see how they feel about returning to work. Oh, and my masks I’ve ordered still haven’t come in the mail yet…

If you’re interested in the aprons I wear during work, here’s the link!

That’s all for now!

Stay healthy and stay safe,


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