The Power of Touch

A few weeks into the lockdown I wanted to hug all my friends and family. It was something I took for granted before and I missed feeling their touch. I was lucky enough to living with my boyfriend and dog, but I was craving the touch of others that I love. I couldn’t even imagine what it must have been like for those living alone during this time. But this got me thinking about the power of touch.

A positive touch has the power to relax the body, increase trust between each person and even decrease any hyperactivity a muscle may be going through. Something as simple as a hand on your back can send signals up to the part of your brain responsible for compassion and reward and your mood can change from stressed to calm. Do you remember being a child and getting hurt and then getting a hug afterwards from a parent or guardian? You probably felt safe, the pain probably decreased and you probably calmed down. There’s an example of the power of touch.

Now imagine living the past 3 months in lockdown with no one to give you that touch. In an already stressful situation, your stress levels could increase even more because of the feeling of isolation. This stress can cause not only mental health problem but physical health problems as well, such as increased muscle tension, headaches, etc. This is why I believe Massage Therapy is so incredibly important during this time. Apart from working out all the kinks that have developed due to that working-from-home lifestyle, just the simple touch of someone else can decrease the stress you may be feeling. Personally, I find when I’m stressed my whole body feels like a giant ball of tension. My muscles are overworking and becoming sore, but as soon as someone touches a muscle that’s angry, the tension drifts away and I’m able to relax.

Touch is one of the first senses we feel as a baby, so it makes sense that the power is rooted deep within us. Keeping this short and sweet, if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed during these times, Massage Therapy may help you through the simple power of touch.

Happy Canada Day,


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