Massage Vlog No. 5: Learning to slow down

Week 5! It truly feels like I never left work, even more so that I took the day off! Yes! Long weekend for me! Kind of.. I’m using my time off to update the website a bit and get on top of training plans. STILL, I got to sleep in today which was amazing.

What am I working on? Not much, adjusting the glute challenge still and I’m considering planning a runner’s guide to strength training. There’s only so many hours in a day though right?

Whats the massage tea? I talk about how the pandemic has caused me to slow down in my practice and I’m trying to learn to slow down in my downtime as well.

That’s all for me today. I’m going to go enjoy the sun some more and read a book. Any good book recommendations let me know!

Stay safe, stay healthy


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