Massage Vlog No.7: Professional Judgment

Week 7…SEVEN! It does not feel like I’ve been working for nearly 2 months, but just checked my calendar and yes, I have.

This week is sort of exciting because I have the chance to work with my first virtual kin client. This will be my first step into virtual healthcare and I feel beyond lucky that I have the credentials to help someone from inside their home, where they feel safe. It is a new and exciting challenge for me!

Alright, moving on. So my wins from the past week would be the amount of returning clients I see, or as I call them “my ride or die” clients. My whole schedule last week, was mainly full of these guys. Which is great!

My goals for this upcoming week, to promote more of my Kin services! I’ve been a R.Kin for 5 years this year and I pay my dues to the College, so I might as well work hard in that health service as well!

Finally, let’s talk about professional judgement. A lot of RMTs have been reaching out to the MoH in regards to uncertainty to patients’ COVID screening. The MoH has a common reply of saying “use your professional judgment”. From what I gather from that, go with your instinct. If you feel comfortable treating a client who has a headache, but they always have a headache, go for it.. but only if YOU are comfortable treating that person!

Ok, it’s now time for the gym, I’ll let you know how that goes!

Stay safe and stay healthy,


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