Is a 60 minute massage right for you?

The most common amount of time people book in for a massage is 60 minutes. One whole hour of having the tension released from your muscles. But what if you don’t actually need an hour? What if you need MORE than an hour or LESS than an hour?

I’ve got you covered. Just follow this simple guide to help determined the amount of time you need for your treatment!

Now, it is important to remember that the assessment prior to your massage and any remedial exercises given after your massage are all apart of your massage treatment time. Therefore, this is something you should factor in when booking a massage.

Alright, so, how do you know if you require the classic 60 minute massage? If you are experiencing general discomfort in one area -such as the upper back – AND you also want relaxation incorporated into your massage, go for the 60 minute massage.

How do you know if a 45 minute massage is right for you? You may have one specific area, such as your right shoulder, that’s causing you discomfort and you want to just focus on that area, but you also would like some sort of relaxation incorporated into your treatment. 45 minutes is for you.

What about a 30 minute massage? If you have one specific area that is bugging you and you want ONLY that area to be treated, book for 30 minutes. It’s quick and simple and there’s no need for any of the other fancy stuff. You’re there for one thing and that is to get your problem close to being fixed.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum. What about a 75 minute and a 90 minute massage?

A 75 minute massage may be for you, if you are experiencing discomfort in two specific areas of your body, such as the calves and the upper back. The extra 15 minutes gives the Massage Therapist the time to treat both areas equally.

And finally, when is a 90 minute massage right for you? If you want a full body massage, whether it be for total relaxation and stress relief or to work on multiple areas that are causing you discomfort. 90 minutes may just be for you.

Of course, this is just my opinion. If you are still unsure, ask your RMT. They’ll be happy to let you know the treatment time that will benefit you the most.

And with that, have a fantastic day!

Stay healthy and stay safe,


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