Massage Vlog No.8: Are you ready for a second wave?

It’s the start of Week 8 of working in the pandemic world as an RMT and the numbers are…rising. Slightly, but still.

Ottawa entered Phase 3 of the shutdown? Lockdown? Quarantine? Which meant the gyms were allowed to open back up, you could eat inside restaurants ( I can’t see myself doing that for a LONG time) and social gatherings could increase to 50 inside. This made is seem like we had beat COVID-19. I saw pictures of people out at bars in the Byward Market. Too many people too close together, and the numbers have gone up. So, I decided to not go back to the gym again until the numbers go back down. But it got me thinking, are you ready for a second wave?

I’d like to believe I am, at least I know what to expect and what to do with my time. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though.

Okay, on to some brighter news!

Today, I got the “Echo Muscle Reliever” in the mail! It’s similar to a Graston tool, and I’m VERY excited to try it out on myself before trying it on my clients. ( I also bought my first car today, shout out to Mark, my mom and Ryan for helping me deal with that stress).

My wins for the week: I now officially do kin services at my clinic. Before it was placed under personal training, but now it’s Kinesiology! And seeing that make me happy.

My goal for the week: Reach out to some fellow RMTs across Ottawa, see what they’re up to and how they’re doing. Network, network, NETWORK!

Alright, I’m going to go play with my new Echo Muscle Reliever now!

Stay safe and stay healthy,


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