Massage Vlog No.10: My first year as an RMT

It’s week 10 of working in a pandemic as an RMT AND this week also marks my one year anniversary of being an RMT.

More on that later this week though…

Keeping this post short and sweet. I have a busy week full of massage treatments and kin treatments (love it). I’m also setting up the time to physically write down my training schedule, in hopes I stick with it!

My win for last week would have to be I hit 1000 followers on tiktok! Honestly, if you haven’t tried tiktok, I highly suggest it. It’s not just all teenagers dancing, trust me. ( My tiktok is dylan.the.rmt if you want to give me a follow)

My goals for this week are to relax and celebrate being an RMT for one whole year!

Ok! That’s all for now,

Stay safe and stay healthy,

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