Massage Vlog No.11: Maskne and College Dues

It’s the middle of Week 11 of working in a pandemic world as an RMT!

I took Monday and Tuesday off to visit my parents, so woo for a short week! I can hear the weekend calling already .

So what’s on the table this week? Work wise? Nothing crazy, living my dream job of working as both a RMT and a R.Kin, BUT this weekend I’ll be in my first golf tournament! I’m very excited for that, and don’t worry, I’ll keep you all posted!

Next, the CMTO came out yesterday and I told us our college dues can be paid in split payments. I personally love this. A little less stress financially and the price didn’t go up. However, many RMTs still deem this as unfair. Now, looking at this as an R.Kin, we still had to pay our dues in full and by the end of August, it would have been amazing if they split those in half as well! So, I’ll take what I can.

Also, I worked at the College of Kinesiologist’s of Ontario last summer and I know what goes on behind the scenes, so I understand why I pay what I pay. And I feel the same way about the CMTO. They’ve done a lot behind the scenes during the pandemic ( minus the not getting the OSCEs ready), and I’m willing to pay them for it.

Moving on, if you are wearing a mask everyday (and you should be by the way), you are probably experiencing mask acne, or ” maskne”. Well, I’ve done some research and I think I’ve got a new skincare routine to fight it!

My goals for this week: Find some blogs/ online magazines that need writers!

Week is half over, let’s get the show on the road!

Stay safe and stay healthy,


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