Massage Vlog No.12: September Scaries

It’s the start of week 12 of working in a pandemic as an RMT and let me tell ya, this week is busy!

As we know, September is right around the corner, which means summer is ending, but it also means some kids are heading back to school. This is a tad nerve wracking because the start of school always brings colds on for people and if I get sick, that means I lose at least a day of work. So please! If your child or you get a common cold from being back at school, cancel your massage appointment!! Don’t risk it!

Okay, that was my PSA on that.

My win from last week: I helped one of my clients figure out where his headaches were coming from. He was coming in for massage 1-2 times a week because he really wanted to see if massage would help and it was so nice to finally see some results after his 4th treatment. See? Massage helps!

My goals for this week: Definitely working on my body mechanics while treating. I’ve been noticing I’ve been slouching and bending a lot more now, where as in the beginning of being back at work I was squatting and lunging and using my elbows. It seems I’ve gotten lazy , so I’m making myself be ever more aware of my posture. I gotta practice what I preach!

And that’s all I have for you this week!

Don’t forget to wash your hands,


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