Massage Vlog. 13: The standards are changing!

Welcome back to week 13 of working in a pandemic as an RMT. It feels like fall is just around the corner and that happened way to quickly!

Anyway, it’s week 13, other than being a spooky number, nothing out of the ordinary is going on this week. Some exciting news is that CMTO is looking to revamp their Standards of Practice! They’re asking for some input from select RMTs, I believe. This is great, some of their standards are not the most comprehensive, for me, anyways, so I’m looking forward to what they come up with!

My wins for the past week:

Work wise, I suppose I’ve been more aware of my body mechanics and have been correcting that

Personal wise, I was able to run 10 km no problem last week, which is great seeing as I have a virtual race coming up this weekend.

My goals for next week :

to continue to promote kin and massage together. You really can’t have one without the other. Massage is great, but if you aren’t focusing on strengthening and mobilizing your body, you won’t get anywhere.

That’s all for me!

See you all next week,


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