Massage Vlog No.14: What are insurance companies doing?

It is the start of week 14 of working as an RMT during a pandemic. School is officially back and as predicted, the numbers are increasing. We’re still in a pandemic everyone! Please continue to be responsible, I’m not ready to go back into lockdown again !

What’s new? This has been on my mind for a while, I just always forgot about it. But when I was just starting out as an RMT, I found out from one of my clients that certain insruance companies have a rating system of health care practitioners. I had no clue this was a thing until she told me about it.

What are your thoughts on this? To me, it’s a little weird being the person being rated and having no clue about it!

My wins from this past week:

Surviving a full day of massages. I had my first day of no kin clients, so it was just me in the treatment room all day. I’m happy to say, I felt fine and energized from it.

My goals for this week:

Do some website updating. I’m trying to work on making my site look more aesthetically pleasing.

That’s all from me!

I’m going to enjoy these last few hours before I head into work and officially start my work week.

Keep wearing your masks and remain socially distant,


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