My Favourite Area to Treat

“What’s your favourite part of the body to treat? ” I get asked by about 50 % of my clients. Little do they know, this is one of the hardest questions they could ask me. Maybe it’s the way I view the body? Or the way I like to think about posture and how truly EVERYTHING is connected, but I can confidently say, I like treating the whole body. This is probably a cop out answer, but let me explain!

Being a RMT means you’re continuously learning. Therefore, I’m always learning new ways to treat areas of the body I’ve treated hundreds of times before. What I mean by that is, when I start to get bored of treating an area, let’s say the neck, I learn new ways to treat the muscles of neck. And if I see great outcomes for this new neck treatment, I add it to my massage toolbox. And if I don’t, well, I tried and had fun doing it.

Recently, I’ve been into the neck. By recent I mean, I’ve been on and off learning new techniques to treat the neck ever since I was in school for it. Soooo, I guess you could say my favourite area to treat is the neck. BUT, I treat it so often that is it really my favourite? Or am I just really comfortable treating the neck?

Then there’s the legs. Not enough people come in looking for a leg treatment. Therefore, when I get the opportunity to treat the legs, hamstrings, calves, shins and all. I LOVE IT. But is it my favourite? Or is it because it’s so rare for me to treat, that I find it fun and exciting? Who knows.

So, this is what I mean when I say my favourite part of the body, is really the whole body. Because there are so many different ways you can treat the different areas. Whether it be by Swedish massage techniques, cupping, joint mobilization or even exercise. There’s just so much you can do!

Anyway, there’s one thing for certain, no matter what you come in for, I’ll be more than happy to treat you and your body.

Wash your hands and stay healthy,


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