Why do I make self-massage tutorials?

You may have noticed I have a section called “Self-Massage Tutorials” and if you follow me on social media, you’ll see I’m posting some form of self-massage tutorial weekly. But why?

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to tell the public about a common area of pain and say “massage and exercise will help it feel better, come on in?” In my eyes, no. Not everyone can drop everything and come in for a massage or kin treatment, so I want to be able to show you how YOU can alleviate your pain on YOUR OWN! I also came up with these tutorials during the Lockdown of 2020, when NOTHING was open and I had clients emailing me about pain they were feeling. I knew I couldn’t help them hands-on but I could help them virtually, and thus we have the self-massage tutorials.

Furthermore, it’s important to know what your muscles feel like. If one of my tutorials pops up on your social media feed, you’re either going to scroll past it, or stop, listen and feel that muscle I’m talking about. And BAM, now you know what that muscle is, what it feels like and if there’s any pain in that area OR if it recreates pain you’ve felt before. Now you know how to help yourself and if it doesn’t completely go away, you know you can come to me and I can help you feel better!

I also want to be an educator in the (near) future. Therefore being able to explain what the muscles are, where they are, what they’re doing and how to massage them gives me an opportunity to practice my communication by being clear as possible when explaining how to self-massage different muscles. I’m helping you with the tutorials, but you’re also helping me by giving me a chance to explain what’s going on with your body and how you can help yourself.

Finally, it let’s me get creative. I’ve dabbled with using a green screen and different video editing softwares. I’ve figured out what I like to do, what works, working with different camera angles and all that jazz. I LOVE IT. Fun fact, back in middle school and high school me and some friends would make music videos and edit them and it was amazing and I’m glad to be going back to my “roots” of video editing.

This isn’t my usual type of blog post, it’s more of a behind-the-scenes of why I do what I do and there you go, I make self-massage tutorials to help you feel better, to improve my communication skills and as a creative outlet.

Now speaking of a tutorial, here’s this week’s!

Take care,


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